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We conducted a survey among 15–24 and 40+ year-olds across 21 countries to explore how childhood is changing.

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% who use digital sources
15-24 year-olds

On average, 69% of 15-24 year-olds use digital sources…

…compared to 32% of 40+ year-olds

% who use different sources to get information
digital sourcestraditional sources

There's a huge contrast in the use of digital sources and traditional sources between young and older generations.

more 15-24 year-olds use digital sourcesmore 40+ year-olds use digital sources

That's true everywhere we surveyed, in countries of all regions and income levels.

While the pattern is the same everywhere, the generational gap is much wider in some countries such as France…


…and Brazil.

The gap is much narrower in countries such as Zimbabwe…


…and India.

How do you think young people's reliance on digital info sources shapes their experiences and attitudes?

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