Where you call home

Some feel most connected to their immediate surroundings. For others, links are further afield.

UNICEF + Gallup asked young + older people in 55 countries how they experience the world today.

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% of young people who say they identify most with
The world
27% of young people say they identify most with the world.
% of young people who say they identify most with
We found that on average, about equal numbers of young people say they feel most at home in the world or in their city/local area.
Meanwhile 39% say their greatest affinity is to their country.
But views differ across countries — and country income levels…
% of young people who identify most with the world in:
Low-income countries
Lower-middle Income Countries
Upper-Middle Income Countries
High-income countries
What does it mean to identify most with the world? Those who do may have a more global mindsetand be less prone to nationalistic thinking.
For example, those who say they would like to move to another country are nearly twice as likely to identify as a global citizen as those who wouldn’t.