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The internet has opened innumerable doors for users. But it also brings a host of risks—especially for young people.

When you're online, personal information such as your name, phone number and location can be collected and shared.

How concerned are you about this?

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On average, the most popular answer among young internet users is "somewhat concerned".
But among older internet users, the most popular answer is "very concerned".
Equal shares of young and older generations reported "not being concerned at all".
Views vary greatly across countries…
% of young internet users who are very concerned about personal information being shared100%
In Nigeria, of young people say they are "very concerned".
Only of young people gave the same answer in the 13%.
Data privacy is just one worry about internet use.
% of young people who see major risks to children online in
Talking to strangers
Meeting people in person who they've met online
Being bullied
Being sexually harassed
A majority of young people in nearly all countries surveyed see major risks for children of being online — from talking to strangers, to agreeing to meeting people in person whom they’ve met online, to being bullied or sexually harassed.
Young women are especially likely to perceive risks to life online, especially for children.

What changes do you think are needed to make the internet a safer place for children?

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